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Join us in beautiful
Lincoln City, Oregon for
4 Days & 4 Nights
of expansive elevation.

MARCH 15th-19th 2024

Meet Your Hosts & Facilitators

This retreat will be a portal into your next level of spiritual growth and expansion. Where you are initiated into the highest degree of the Usui/Tibetan Reiki Ryoho Lineage and certified as a Reiki Master!

An immersive experience....

Prepare to be transported into a powerful portal where your only focus will be your own inner development and becoming more proficient in the divine art of Reiki Healing.

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However, we will be taking this retreat one step further...

Guided by Spirit we are expanding this retreat beyond Reiki alone and using it as a divine bridge into a pathway of exploration.

The beauty of Reiki is its ability to blend with other modalities through a powerful synergy. We will experience this power first hand during this cohort.  

We are weaving ancient wisdom and celestial heritage to support your sovereign path as a lightworker and healer of the collective consciousness

Establish community with kindred souls... there is power in numbers. And when divine healers come together, magic cannot help but take place!

During this time you will be educated and guided on how to not only strengthen your own Reiki flow, but you will also be taught how to share the Reiki gift with others, through the attunement process. 

You will learn new methods and practices to support you during the next chapter of your journey as Reiki Master and beyond! 

Optional Workshops

Below you will find option workshops that will also be available to take part in at your discretion. You will have the opportunity to take as many as all that are offered or as few as none at all. These workshops are included in the price of the retreat.

Image by Panos Sakalakis

'Vox Vibe'

Channeled workshop on finding your own unique voice in a sea of societal expectations. We will exercise the throat chakra through different mediums as well as explore light language in all of it's forms.

Image by Greg Rakozy

'Creating Your Soul Brand'

Your brand should be a direct extension of your core essence. We will explore this deeper and learn how we can express our calling through our own unique brand. Time to get inspired!

Image by Bailey Burton

'As The Pendulum Swings'

Develop a deeper understanding of pendulum work and how your can incorporate it into your daily life as well as your healing practices.

Image by Mathew Schwartz

The 'Power of Plant Medicine'

This is an offering in which you will have the opportunity to learn more about the power of psilocybin and its benefits within the spiritual journey. You will also have the opportunity to take part in a journey with the plant medicine if you so choose.

Image by Sam Moghadam Khamseh

'Awaken Ancestor' Circle

Take part in a powerful circle where we will connect with our ancestors and receive precious healing and insight.

What's included?

Your investment covers...

  • Meals During Stay**

  • Accommodations

  • ART & Usui/Tibetan Reiki Master Classes

    • Attunement to the Master Level Symbols​

    • Certificate of Completion 

  • All Additional Workshops (Optional)

**All meals will be covered in the cost of the retreat, with the exception of the celebration dinner during the last night. You will need to cover the cost of your own meal, as we will be eating at a local restaurant in town. Expect to possibly spend around $25-$30 dollars.

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In order to take part in this retreat you must already be attuned and certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2. There are no exceptions. 

If you are not attuned and certified in Reiki Levels 1 & 2. Check with either host to inquire about getting certified in these levels prior to the retreat. 

_REIKI RETREAT Background - Website (Facebook Cover).png

As with every level of Reiki, there is an expansion of one's energetic container. Know that during this journey you will have the opportunity to experience a powerful unearthing and opening of the heart chakra. 

Making the free will choice and commitment of becoming a Reiki Master is deeply rewarding. But it will also bring about a deep cleansing and upheaval of what needs to be released in order to fully welcome in this higher frequency of Reiki flow. 

This is why the retreat space is ideal for this level of expansion. So that you will be held in a safe space and sanctuary; to allow yourself the space to dive deep with no distractions.

In close proximity to the ocean we will be sharing the healing frequency of earth's waters to support us throughout this journey together. 


_REIKI RETREAT Background - Website (Facebook Cover).png

King Room

(1 Person Per Room)

_REIKI RETREAT Background - Website (Facebook Cover).png

Queen Room

(2 People Per Room)

_REIKI RETREAT Background - Website (Facebook Cover).png

Bunk Bed - Full

(In 4 Person Room)

_REIKI RETREAT Background - Website (Facebook Cover).png

Bunk Bed - Twin

( In 4 Person Room)

NOTE: Each Room has it's own private bathroom.

The bunk room has two full sized beds and two twin sized beds. All four beds share the same bathroom.

Beyond Reiki Master Retreat Registration Form
Are Your Certified in Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2? Do know that you can only attend this retreat if you are attuned to these levels.
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