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Reiki + Prayer Community  Service 

September (Date TBA) -

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Don't Forget To Register Below For This Month's Reiki + Prayer Community Service!! 

As a service we are joining together as healers, practitioners, and lightworkers to come together and create a divine portal for those who desire support upon their healing journey. We know and understand that as healers we are not here to do the healing for the individual, but to support and empower them upon their own sovereign healing journeys. 

Reiki, a subtle energy healing technique of Japanese origins, channels divine source/creator/life force energy of high frequency to help clear blockages and balance the energy/emotional/mental bodies within and around the physical being to help support healing within the human vessel.  

This live group facilitation is our way of giving back to the collective consciousness. So we invite you to register for this event, sharing your intention or where you desire support on your own healing journey. To learn more about us, feel free to read further below. 

Meet the Practitioners

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Kiayana West

Founder & CEO of The Sanctuary Code LLC +Reiki Master + Quantum Healer + Universal Channel 

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, Quantum Healer, Universal Channel & Light Language Facilitator, I anchor in the knowledge of the Ancients through my own celestial heritage as a soul; in order to channel high frequency healing and wisdom to my clients and students. Providing a safe space and sanctuary is my passion. 


I answer my divine calling by guiding souls who are ready to awaken, expand and quantum leap! I do this by facilitating powerful portals and channeling light codes to serve the unique needs of each soul; bringing forth a remembrance of their divine truth & the dormant power to be found within their sacred DNA and human vessel.

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April Garrett

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner +  Intuitive Empath + Tarot Reader

Meet April, a gifted Reiki Practitioner, Intuitive Empath, and Tarot Reader who is passionate about helping others heal, grow, and rediscover their true selves. 


With her gentle touch and intuitive guidance, she helps her clients by channeling energy to release energetic blockages, rebalance and restore harmony in the mind, body and spirit.


April's unique gift lies in her ability to see visions that transcend the physical realm. These visions allow her to tap into the intuitive plane, offering profound insights and a deeper understanding of her clients' energetic imbalances. These vivid visions provide her with an intimate understanding of the underlying causes of imbalances, allowing her to address them at their root. This heightened perception adds a unique dimension and enhances her Reiki sessions.


In addition to Reiki, April utilizes wisdom of the tarot. Drawing upon folklore, ancient symbolism, and her intuitive gifts, she provides accurate and meaningful tarot readings. Utilizing the powerful archetypes and messages of the cards, April provides clarity, guidance, and inspiration to those seeking direction and insight on their life journey.


When working with April, expect a warm, compassionate and intuitive practitioner who approaches each session with authenticity and care. 

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Stephanie McGanty

Founder & CEO of Bellatrix Training + Second Degree Reiki Practitioner

Hello everyone my name is Stephanie and my life has rapidly changed in the last 3 years throughout a massive spiritual awakening.

I’m a mother, a business owner, a warrior woman, certified Reiki practitioner, and light worker. And I am here to empower others on their own healing journey. 

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Erica Moore

Second Degree Reiki Practitioner + Divine Channel + Intuitive 

Erica provides a safe space and compassionate hand to each soul who crosses her path. Her honest and grounded approach to supporting her clients opens the door to closure, deep healing and elevation. 

As a gifted channel she also acts as a bridge between the physical and spiritual realms, connecting with souls who have passed on and who seek to connect with their loved ones. 

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Register For The September 
Community Service

If you would like to have Reiki sent to you during this community service please register.


We will be reading the name and intention/prayer request aloud during the live. If you prefer to remain anonymous let us know by checking the box on the registration form. We will still read the intention/prayer request but will not reveal your name to the public. 

To tune in live make sure to follow The Sanctuary Code on Facebook on the specified day. This is where the live will be airing. :)

**Note: You do not have to be at the live session in order to receive this Reiki service. As a subtle energy modality reiki crosses all space and time. The replay will be available to watch following the live transmission.

Thanks for submitting!

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